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Our References - (Extract)

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Building and architectural acoustics, electroacoustics, noise control

  • Building and architectural acoustics planning MLU Halle-Wittenberg (Melanchthonianum, AudiMax, Juridicum), Halle
  • Building and architectural acoustics planning of Spielbank Potsdam
  • Building and architectural acoustics planning of the new building of the Umweltbundesamt in Dessau
  • Architectural and electroacoustic redesign of the Maritim Congress Center Dresden
  • Building measurements and consulting of Travel-Charme-Hotels along the Baltic Sea coast
  • Building and architectural acoustics planning of school renovations in Dresden
  • Acoustic engineering planning for
    • Heating plant Velten
    • Large power plant Wählitz
    • New building of hospital Werdau
  • Acoustic engineering planning for a vegetable manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands
  • Acoustic engineering planning and expertise for Q-Cells, Thalheim
  • Electroacoustic planning and measurements in Berlin Hauptbahnhof and other stations of DB AG

Protection against sound immission and noise reduction

  • Acoustic expertise for
    • Sanatorium Bad Sulza
    • Dumping ground Halle-Lochau
    • Chemical plants in Japan
    • Bayer plant in Bitterfeld
    • Power stations with large diesel engines in Europe
    • BMW plants in Leipzig, Garching, Regensburg
    • DaimlerChrysler plant in Düsseldorf
    • Rail roads, e.g. Halle-Leipzig, Hamburg-Berlin, Erfurt-Nürnberg, Leipzig-Chemnitz
    • Development planing Microtech part in Thalheim
    • Development planing Sonneberg- Malmerz
    • Low frequencies of large diesel engines:
      • Caterpillar in Kiel and Rostock
      • Blohm & Voss in Hamburg
      • Abeking & Rasmussen in  Lemwerder
  • Acoustic engineering consulting for machine manufacturers in Switzerland
  • Sound immission drawings for the cities Zeitz, Merseburg, Querfurt, Bitterfeld, Wolfen
  • Acoustic engineering expertise for the redesign of the railway junction of DB AG, Bitterfeld
  • Acoustic engineering planning and measurements regarding noise reduction in the roller plant Coswig
  • Acoustic engineering planning and consulting for
    • Ring road Bitterfeld-Wolfen-Jeßnitz
    • Federal road B85, Saxony
    • Ring road Sonneberg
    • Reconstruction traffic junction B100, Wolfen
  • Acoustic engineering expertise and consulting  for airfield in Dessau
  • Acoustic engineering consulting and expertise for the construction of the highways A14 and A9
  • Court expertises for the Higher Regional Court Hamm, the Regional Court Verden, the Regional Court Stendal, the Regional Court Halle and the Local Labour Court Halle