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Engineering services for building and architectural acoustics, electroacoustics and noise control

  • Consulting, planning, detection, measurement and simulation
    • of buildings (airborne sound and impact-sound insulation of walls and ceilings, floors, windows and roofs)
    • of rooms (reverberation time, speech intelligibility, tonal purity, transparency)
    • of electroacoustic equipment (speech transmission quality STI and RASTI, sound fields)
    in residential buildings, company buildings, schools, theaters, concert halls, multifunctional buildings, cinema and musical buildings, churches, railway stations, stadiums, water parks and indoor swimming pools (sanatoriums)
  • Private and court expertise

Engineering services for the protection against sound immission and noise reduction

  • Consulting, planning, measurement, forecast and simulation
    • for industry and business
    • of road, rail, water and air traffic
  • Calculation and conception of noise reduction activities
    • of machines and constructions
  • Special acoustic measurements of smoke and exhaust systems of tanks and diesel engines
  • Private and court expertise